Why Play Is Important for Cats

playing cat

Many cats are quite placid to sit on windowsills all day taking naps and watching the world pass its time. It is not that cats don’t enjoy playing games with their owners, of course, they do! Cats love when they are physically and mentally active and spend time with their owners playing games. Sometimes playing with your cats might be impossible since you may have many commitments to turn up to. Propitiously, toys for indoor cats is one of the preferable platform that you can wade through to check the best toys you can opt for your cats when left indoors with no one to play with.

When it comes to cats, however, play is not just about games and fun. It helps kittens learn essential survival skills like stalking, chasing, and trapping the prey. Even if your cat never ventures outside this basic instincts to hunt, it can remain active. It is imperative to allow our feline family members to express this natural behavior through play.

Along with satisfying your cat’s instincts, play is essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy. It also provides necessary exercise for cats, especially those that live exclusively indoors. An active lifestyle for your kitty helps it maintain a healthy weight. Most importantly, play is a great way to interact and bond with your cat. Besides this, here are some of the top reasons why your cat needs to play.

It Makes Them Feel like Predatorsplaying cat

It is no secret that cats are tuned killing machines, who have been hardwired to torture prey to the brink of death. Most kitties have been domesticated, leaving them unable to fulfill their grisly calling as predators. But this does not mean they stop wanting to be predators. You should often play with your cat or purchase toys that mimic their prey behavior. It will even make them feel like the best predator they were made to be. Something that will certainly prevent rats and unwanted pests from your home.

Play Is Exercise

Many cats over-eat and lead to sedentary lifestyles, which contribute to obesity-related health problems like diabetes. Increasing your kitty’s physical activities can help it shed unwanted pounds and get back to its fighting weight. Play surely works to keep your cat in the right body weight.

Relieves Boredom

The world feels hazy for cats when they are left indoors onplaying cat their own. Few hours for them feels like a whole damn week. This is the reason why play is essential because it provides vital mental stimulation for your kitty by allowing it to exercise its cognitive and motor skills. To make it more challenging, use toys that mimic its prey behavior.