Three Tips to Relocate Your Office Efficiently

relocation boxes

Relocating an office is not going to be an easy task. If you have many files and stuff in the room, the process can even take several days to finish, even with the assistance of a professional mover. Therefore, you need an efficient plan beforehand.

Rent a Storage Facility

storage facilityHaving a storage facility to store your stuff temporarily can give you a chance to manage your new office properly. If you get them all there, you may clutter the entire room. And it will be much harder to organize than if you move your office equipment one by one.

You need to ask the features of the self-storage service. Since your belongings will include electronic gadgets and other valuable files, the storage facility must have 24/7 security service and surveillance. And inquire about the access to your stuff as well because some facilities are only accessible to the owners during working hours.

Get a Cloud Backup for Your Files

Even though your reports are mostly printed, try to recover their electronic version and upload them to a cloud service. Relocating hard copies may seem harmless, but if you lose them during the process, you can be in serious trouble. And as the Murphy’s Law dictates, if something can go wrong, it will.

Moreover, there are plenty of cloud services these days. And most of them have become very much affordable, even for the premium packages. Dropbox, One Drive, Egnyte Business, and Amazon S3 are the examples.

Hire a Professional Mover and Get Insured

Moving things on your own will be very risky, especially if your luggage includes multiple devices that are essential to your company’s workflow. Should an accident happen, you will be on your own. If you hire a professional mover, your stuff can get insured. And if any mishap occurs on the road, the risk is covered by the mover. You need to opt for this service package if you relocate across provinces.

Start to Organize Your Stuff from the Non-Essentials

Contrary to what you have in mind, you must not bring all the computer hardware first into the new office. Instead, try to clean the office, then arrange everyone’s sitting positions, and decorate the rooms. It will give you the big picture of how your office is going to function later on. And only after you’ve done this step you can bring in all the necessary equipment.