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How to Include National Days in the Google Calendar

For some time now, social networks or society are filled with celebrations of International Days that, at least the vast majority, we do not know where they come from or what they are due to. The fact is that every day, there are several celebrations, nationally and internationally, of the most curious aspects, surprising the fact that they have a day dedicated to it.

Maybe, either out of curiosity or work, if you are community managers or content creators, you want to have this peculiar calendar of international days organized. Doing so is simple since there are even websites that make the task easier for you. You can also try Google Calendar, which is relatively easy to use.

Google Calendar

In Google Calendar, you can see the holidays in your country, as well as in other countries if you need it. This way, you can always have all these holidays visible and have your work calendar much better organized, and plan everything in advance in this regard.

Show National Days in Google Calendar

national day scheduleOne of the advantages of this function is that you can see the holidays of all the countries that you want. Therefore, if you regularly travel to foreign nations for work reasons, or you must be in contact with people from other countries, you can also add the holidays of those places. So in your own calendar, you will have a better view of these dates.

If you want to activate holidays on your schedule in Android’s Google Calendar, the steps to go through are quite simple in this case. You will only have to do the following:

  • Go to your phone and open Google Calendar.
  • Once there, open the side menu.
  • You should then swipe to find the settings.
  • Choose the settings options.
  • Click on holidays
  • Choose the option ‘Holidays in your country.’
  • You should then select the country you wish to display among those in the set list.

With these steps, you have activated this option so that your calendar will show the holidays of the country or countries you have chosen. This grants you the opportunity to configure your work calendar in an easier and more comfortable way since you can plan your schedules or tasks without any difficulty, always having these holidays visible in the application.…

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