Common Types of Crimes

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There are different types of crimes. Legally speaking, a crime can be described as an intentional or accidental act that infringes on others’ rights. It is worth noting that criminal acts captured by Small Town Dicks are a norm in most societies. However, what constitutes  as a crime might vary depending on the jurisdictions that you are in. That said, here is a broad classification of crimes.

Personal Crimes

As the name suggests, these types of crimes are directed to individuals. They are normally classified as acts of violence intended to cause physical, emotional, or psychological damage to a victim. Some of the common types of personal crimes in most jurisdictions include but are not limited to the following: assault, kidnapping, rape, homicide, and false imprisonment.

Property Crimesman with a gun

Also known as offenses against property, these crimes do not necessarily harm another person. Instead, these crimes often result when one person tries to impede another from using their property. The most common type of property crime is theft or burglary, which often results when someone takes valuables away from another intending to deprive the legal owner to use their valuables. Another common property crimes include receipt of stolen property, a false pretense to fraudulently acquire property, white-collar crimes, and arson, which is the willful burning of another person’s property.

Inchoate Crimes

Inchoate crimes are crimes that have  been initiated but have not been completed. For this crime, a perpetrator usually takes a substantial step towards completing a criminal act. This means that there is more to this type of crime than simply expressing some intent to commit a crime. Some examples of this type of inchoate crimes include but are not limited to ‘attempted’ crimes, solicitation, and conspiracy. These crimes are all punishable by law, not only to penalize the offender but also to deter future crimes.

Statutory Crimes

Statutory crimes refer to violations of specific legal statutes. In most jurisdictions, statutory crimes fall under the following three categories: drug crimes, alcohol-related crimes, traffic offenses, and financial crimes. By law, these crimes are specifically prohibited by a statute to deter individuals from engaging in them. Some common types of statutory crimes include driving under the influence (DUI), selling drugs or alcohol to minors, and reckless driving.cyber-crime banner

As you might have realized, all crimes aren’t easy to define, and they might be classified differently depending on your jurisdiction. Therefore, it is important to consult an attorney whenever you are accused of committing a crime.