Common Design Styles and Their Pros and Cons

interior design

There are certain colours, designs, and materials that homeowners gravitate towards as far as home interior design is concerned. People have their preferred design styles. The interior design process is meant to provide customers with efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Managing the available space is a great way of improving the interior design of your home. Hiring an interior design expert can help you in evaluating your office and property. This professional will provide you with an efficient solution for optimizing  the available space.

Decoration and design are one of the best methods of transforming people’s lives.  To learn more about interior design and the products used, click here. The main types of interior design styles include modern, minimalist and contemporary. Some things are common to them such as low sitting furniture, emphasizing negative space and clean lines. However, some homeowners find some of these styles as being uncomfortable and cold. They should be implemented properly to make your space appear large and comfortable. Their distinct features characterize these styles.


This includes geometric shapes, clean lines, and ornate work. Emphasizing on the room’s space is very important. Most of the modern contemporary styles may become retro in the future. With this style, neutral colours are used on the woven fabric. Furniture is kept in the lowest position, upholstered in solid.contemporary design


This is another design style that uses natural light. These lights are effective in highlighting shapes and spaces. With this design, the primary items include cool white, cool colours, and blue lighting. The hidden storage is important when it comes to this style. For instance, their kitchen cabinets are blend into the wall. This is the best way of hiding functional items.

American craftsman

This is one of the most popular styles in North America. It uses rectangular spindles and oak which are incorporated into sofa frames and armchair. Its furniture is made by blending upholstered cushions and exposed wood. Another feature that is common to this style is peaked A-framed roofs.

Classic style

It is a style that focuses mainly on building the décor and symmetry on a central point within the room. For instance, you can flank the fireplace by two identical armchairs or sofas. The common colour types used with this design style include greys, yellow, pinks and blues and earth tones.classic design

Urban or industrial

This is another new trend that is preferred by many people. It involves using industrial materials like concrete for walls and floors, stripped floors or exposed beam, metal or stainless steel. The common furniture materials include reclaimed wood, leather, and stainless steel.